School & classroom integration

At Bluestem.IT we help educational institutions meet increasing technological needs.  Schools have grown beyond pencil meets paper and with new technology resources, teachers, students, and staff can create new learning experiences for their students – even in a classical education curriculum.  

  • 24x7x365 support to ensure all systems are running efficiently, meaning less downtime.
  • Expert advice and consulting – including planning, roadmaps, and project management.
  • Connect students and teachers to knowledge-sharing networks
  • Effective strategies to support and standardize technology processes to meet demands of the school.
  • Implement scalable hardware and software to handle always increasing challenges on controlled budgets.
  • Migration to remote learning platforms such as Microsoft Teams/Sharepoint, and Google Classrooms.
  • Classroom buildout for audio-visual, projection, and whiteboard learning. 
  • Security driven environment with Managed Services offering Content Filtering, spam filtering, and network and device antivirus and phishing tools.
  • Telecom management to ensure cost effective rates, eRate application assistance

We are focus, security, and solution driven to ensure maximum uptime for all your teachers, students, and staff.

Contact us to set up a free consultation meeting to discuss your schools technology requirements and how our service offerings and experience can help!